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Cross Stitch

        Cross stitch is one of the oldest forms of embroidery and can be found all over the world. As the manufacturer and exporter and also working with European designer, we can provide full sets of cross stitch items, including cross stitch fabric, cross stitch frame, cross stitch thread and cross stitch lace.. Please find our cross stitch kit products: Table cloth cross stitch, Napkin cross stitch, Cushion cross stitch, Storage bag cross stitch, Bellyband cross stitch, Aida band cross stitch.
        With meeting European Environmental Standard, our cross stitch products are your good choice for ready-made home textiles.


Cross stitch kit

Cushion cross stitch kit Cushion cross stitch kit Storage bag cross stitch kit Storage bag cross stitch kit
Cushion Cross stitch kit Cushion Cross stitch kit Storage Bag Cross Stitch Kit Storage Bag Cross Stitch Kit
Glove cross stitch kit Napkin cross stitch kit Aida band cross stitch kit Table cloth cross stitch kit
Glove Cross Stitch Kit Napkin Cross Stitch Kit Aida Band Cross Stitch Kit Table Cloth Cross Stitch Kit

Cross stitch Lace


Cross stitch fabric

Cotton Cross Stitch Fabric (Width: 150cm)

Cotton Cross Stitch Canvas (Width 90cm)


PVC Cross Stitch Canvas

Lacquard Crass Stitch Fabric (Width 180cm)


Cross stitch frame

Cross stitch thread


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Five Basic Stitches Used in Cross Stitch Embroidery
     Cross Stitch Embroidery is the style of embroidery based on the cross stitch, an x-shaped stitch
  1. Cross Stitch
  2. Half Stitch
  3. Quarter Stitch
  4. Three-Quarter Stitch
  5. Back Stitch

Embroidery, Tapestry and Cross Stitch