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 Home> Products > Thread Series > Industrial sewing thread >100% Cotton/Poly core spun sewing thread
Detailed data for 100% Cotton/Poly core spun sewing thread (Cocosew)
ART. NO.:CP-SW      
 NE Ticket  Size Length color card color Usage
55s/2 150 10000Y S 500 Classic Garments, Shirts
Pants & Lingerie
52s/2 140 10000Y S 500
45s/2 120 10000Y S 500
40s/2 100 5000Y,10000Y S 500 Pants & Jackets
30s/2 80 5000Y,10000Y S 500   Button-Hole, Handbag & Suitcase
28s/2 80 5000Y S 500
40s/3 75 5000Y,10000Y S 500
30s/3 50 5000Y,10000Y S 500
20s/2 50 3000M,5000Y,10000Y S 500 Jeans, Mattress  Teants, Decorative Sewing, Footwear, Bag, Furniture
28s/3 45 2000M,5000Y S 500
16s/2 40 3000M,5000Y S 500
20s/3 30 5000Y S 500
16s/3 27 5000Y S 500

With the latest spinning technology to spin the cotton fiber to be wrapped on by continuous polyester filament. The polyester core provides strength and stretch while the cotton outer layer gives easier sewability. We use advanced process techniques and provides for you thread of super eminent quality of being more easily sewed and used for wide range of application.

Outstanding features:
Super high tenacity with cotton feeling
Super low elongation
Excellent anti-static & better than poly/poly
Unique feature of no break knots.

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